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Social Security Disability Overview

Distinguished Atlanta Social Security Disability Lawyer Fights for You

An accomplished Georgia Social Security disability lawyer helping people claim their benefits for more than 30 years

According to the Social Security Administration, 30 percent of workers between the ages of 25 and 65 will file a Social Security disability claim at some point. An Atlanta disability lawyer can help you file with confidence and the best chance of success.

Since 1984, the Gwinnett County lawyers at the Law Offices of John V. Hogan have been helping people get the benefits they need in order to live more happy and healthy lives.

SSDI claims

It’s not easy filing a claim for Social Security disability. You may need the help of a successful disability attorney who’s devoted 30 years to helping people just like you.

Atlanta Social Security disability attorney John V. Hogan is ready and able to assist you. Since 1984, our counselors at the Law Offices of John V. Hogan have been helping clients file their Social Security claims.

SSDI appeals

You’ve worked all of your life, paying into Social Security. Now when you need the benefits yourself you find that your claim has been denied. It’s more common than you think. And we know from personal experience how frustrated you must be when your claim doesn’t go through the first time.

Atlanta disability lawyer John V. Hogan knows what it takes to draft a successful appeal. He’s been serving the disabled since 1984.

Supplemental Security Insurance

Disability benefits can help when you’re too ill or injured to keep working. But sometimes you need assurance that your needs can be met. Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) is a federal program designed to help people with limited income or resources. If making ends meet is becoming more and more difficult, you may want to speak with an Atlanta SSI disability lawyer about your options.

Qualifying medical conditions

People who qualify for Social Security disability must have one or more severe medical conditions.

At the Law Offices of John V. Hogan, an Atlanta, Suwanee, and Gainesville lawyer reviews your current medical records to determine whether your conditions qualify. If they do, we proceed with filing your claim using the evidence you already have. If they don't, we create a brief and collect evidence that supports our argument for why you should receive additional benefits.

Common reasons for denial

If you become severely ill or suffer from an extended injury, you may be eligible for Social Security disability. Filling out the claim requires patience and paperwork. If you make an error when you file, you could be denied your benefits.

As Gainesville Social Security disability attorneys, we work with a number of clients who were routinely denied for SSDI benefits before they came to us. So we have compiled a list of common reasons for SSDI benefit denial:

  • Your total disability won't last for a year
  • Your disability is based on alcohol or drug addictions
  • Social Security can't obtain your medical records
  • Despite your severe medical condition, you are still working
  • You have excess income and resources (SSI only)

NFL disability

John V. Hogan is one of the nation's most respected advocates for retired NFL players. He has been a tireless advocate for improvements in the benefits received by retired NFL players and their families. He first gained national recognition in 2007 when he authored the White Paper Illegal Procedure: NFL Disability Claims; a revised version of which was published in The Unbroken Line by Dallas Cowboy’s star Billy Joe DuPree and Spencer Kopf. (2010) He was the principal author of the Plaintiff’s disability proposals submitted to the U.S. District Court in Eller v. NFLPA et al. (2011) His paper Concussions, Brain Injury and NFL Disability was published in the Santa Clara University Law School Sports Law Symposium. (2011)

Why hire us?

Few firms possess the extensive disability experience of the Law Offices of John V. Hogan. John formerly worked for the Social Security Administration, and has put his experience and insight to work for thousands of disabled individuals. He is a well-known speaker and author on a number of disability related topics, and has mentored many younger attorneys as they began their own disability practices.

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